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We as a team strive to provide the consumer the best praying experience by sourcing the most comfortable praying mats. During the holy month of Ramadan 2022 we started selling high quality prayer mats in our local mosque, mainly to new reverts and young adults. This rapidly became a succes as we saw the demand raise for our prayer mats, even from the elders. We donated a big part of our profit to the mosque, as our goal was to improve our muslim community and our local mosque. Our movement got acknowledged by other non-profit organizations. In 2023 we started donating a part of our profits to Al-Ayn foundation for orphans . Ever since we are even more motivated and joyed to deliver the best praying mats for every muslim, and help those in need.

Al-Ayn Foundation

Al-Ayn Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping orphan children all over the world. With their HQ in Bagdad they have helped 118.458 children since 2006 pursue a promising future. Their goal: To care for, sponsor, nurture, educate, and develop individuals that have been orphaned due to war, terrorism, natural disasters, or other causes. Our vision to help those in need aligns with the beautiful work of Al-Ayn foundation. With every order placed on our webshop we donate 10% to education, medical care and housing for orphans. Together we can change the lives of an orphan for the better.

To learn more about this charity please visit www.al-ayn.org or click on the image.

Importance of Prayer

Allah (SWT) taught us in the quran the importance of prayer. Chapter 29 (Soorah al-‘Ankaboot), Verse 45 states the following:


Establish regular prayer: for prayer restrains from shameful and unjust deeds; and remembrance of Allah is the greatest (thing in life).”
Muslims pray five times a day. The prayers are scheduled at times that people fulfill some physical need. Prayer at such times prevents people from becoming overly focused on their immediate worldly needs. It is a reminder that God is the Provider, the Sustainer and Fulfiller of all our needs.
Vector illustration of Silhouette of a Muslim praying in the when night

Quran, about orphans

In islam, the Quran mentions the yatîm at least  25 times, overwhelmingly with admonitions to keep them foremost in our minds, along with parents, as our responsibility, and to treat them accordingly with care and kindness.


And to parents, you shall be good as well as to close relatives, and orphans and the indigent…” (Surah aL-Baqarah, 2:83).

Prophet Mohammed (SWT), about orphans

The Prophet, on him be peace, made a stunning statement about orphans: 

‘I and the one who sponsors an orphan shall be in Paradise like these two’ , and he raised his index finger and the one next to it, holding them together, barely separate.

The commentators on prophetic reports, hadith, say this statement promises the person who sponsors an orphan that he or she shall be admitted to the Garden of Delight in the close company of the Prophet, on him be peace, which means, of course, in the very highest station of the Garden.

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